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Our Service Offerings

We offer comprehensive solutions for communication power supplies and innovative solar energy facilities.

Outdoor Telecom

Dedicated to providing reliable physical connectivity solutions for outdoor communication equipment, ensuring high performance and durability in various challenging environments.

Energy Power

Providing customers with comprehensive solutions for power generation, grid transmission, and distribution, ensuring efficient and reliable energy management across all stages.

Lithium Battery

Mainly providing energy solutions for solar power, telecommunications equipment, UPS, and more, ensuring reliable and efficient energy management across various applications.

Solar Energy

Solar energy provides clean and renewable energy for families, enterprises and industries, reducing costs and environmental impact. Low maintenance cost and strong energy independence.

Equip Cooling

Outdoor cabinet air conditioners are widely used in communication, electric power, energy and other fields to provide necessary temperature and humidity control for the equipment in the cabinet.

Remote Monitoring

Outdoor remote monitoring equipment gathers electrical parameters and manages environmental controls for station equipment, minimizing labor costs through efficient data collection and management.

What can we do?

Provide all-round communication infrastructure construction services, including network planning, construction, maintenance and upgrading. Provide integrated solutions of solar energy and battery power, reduce the energy consumption of communication infrastructure and promote the sustainable use of energy. Constantly explore and apply innovative technologies to provide customers with more efficient and reliable communication energy solutions.

Product Cases

Our success comes from the success of our clients. Here are some real-life examples of how we've helped our clients achieve their goals

We Cover the Whole Spectrum

A communication base station is an infrastructure used for wireless communication networks, responsible for receiving and transmitting signalsPower supply devices are used to provide electrical energy and provide stable and reliable power supply for various electronic devices and systemsSolar energy is widely used in power generation systems to provide clean and sustainable electricity for renewable energy.Batteries can store electrical energy in the solar energy field and serve as backup power sources in the communication field to ensure sustainable operation of equipment